Black Cats 101

Caring For Black Cats

Having any animal as pet requires the owner to give the necessary care needed. In this sense, before deciding to take any animal as a pet you should decide first if you have the patience and time needed in caring for your pet. On the other hand, if you are decided to have a black cat as a pet, then you should know your basic black cats 101. This will help you in understanding the cat health problems and how you will give them proper care. The information will also give you knowledge on how you can help the cat when it is sick, injured, overweight and aging. Knowing your black cats 101 includes information about the health and wellness, nutrition, behavior as well as grooming of your pet.

Black Cats - Dolly

Dolly our beautiful Black Cat

Health and wellness

Keeping your black cats clean is the best way to keep away ticks. When your pets are infested with ticks it could cause various diseases. That is why as much as possible you should keep your cat indoors. Keep in mind that ticks are very harmful and make your cat uncomfortable. Therefore, as soon as you notice ticks infestation you should immediately get rid the ticks. In like manner, in order to prevent other health issues it is necessary to provide all your black cats proper grooming and adequate care.

Black Cats | Feeding and nutrition

When you have a pet cat you should know the cat food right for your pet. It is not right to give any food to your cat because your pet also needs feline nutrition. That is why just like in feeding humans, pet owners should consult a veterinarian about the appropriate cat food right for the age of your cat. In this way, you can ensure that you are giving enough nutrients needed by your pet. Likewise, choosing the right cat food is also important if your cat is experiencing health problems. You will also need special diet prescription according to your cat’s health condition. Moreover, you should also learn feeding tips from black cats 101 so that you can ensure that you are not only giving the right food but also provide the proper way of feeding.

Cat Grooming

To ensure the wellness of your cat you should learn black cats 101 proper cat grooming. As soon as you take a cat as your pet, make sure that you have the necessary grooming materials. Reading the black cats 101 will give you ideas on how to properly groom your pet. You should set grooming routine so that your pet will be accustomed to it.

Aging Black Cats

You are lucky enough if you have the chance to be with your pet for a long time. Cats live shorter lives but by giving proper nutrition, caring and everything you can enjoy the company of your cat for longer years. Therefore, you should not only care for your younger black cats but it is most important to pay more attention to the health of aging cats. Indeed, having a cat as a pet is very rewarding as long as you are responsible in giving proper care, love and attention.

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Black Cats

What are Black Cats?

When a black cat crosses one’s path, it’s not bad luck but a sign of good fortune. black cats make very special pets. black cats are any type of cat that has a completely black coat though some cats with an over ninety-percent black coat can qualify. black cats are special because it is rare for cats to have solid black coats. The same is true for pure white cats. Another factor that makes this type of cat special is the air of mystery that immediately surrounds the owner. This is due to the long-standing superstitions surrounding black cats. In the middle ages, a black cat owner faces the prospect of death but in modern times, owners  stand out in a good way because of the rarity of an all-black coat.

Superstitions Surrounding Black Cats

About the superstitions surrounding a black cat, they are said to bring bad luck when a black cat crosses a person’s path. Some cultures however see black cats as bringers of good fortune once they visit and live in someone’s home and such a belief makes the black cat all the more special. Another superstition  is that they are agents of evil, familiars or companions of witches or evil beings that transform themselves into cats. This is because black is associated with evil and darkness and that a cat’s independent personality and often nocturnal activities singles them out for superstitious persecution. Black cats have then been hunted down and killed and their owners burned at the stake in suspicion of being witches. These superstitions are still reflected in many movies and TV shows where these cats are shown as companions of supernatural characters. Some popular feline characters are also based on black cats like Felix the Cat, Cyborg Kuro-Chan, Sabrina’s Salem and Disney’s Pete.

Breeds of Black Cats

There are many types of black cats or black cat breeds. Not all cat breeds can have all-black coats. Cat breeds that can have all black coats include the Persian, the American Shorthair, the Maine coon, the Oriental, Randombred and especially the Bombay. The Bombay is the most well-known of all black cat breeds because the Bombay is exclusively bred to be black.

Black Cats Are Smart

A Smart Black Cat

Breeds of Black Cats – Behavior

Black cat behavior can vary depending on black cat breeds. Their behavior or temperament and other characteristics are reflective of their respective breed. Black cat health, feeding and grooming is also determined by their breed. Owning a black American short-hair for instance makes for a better mouser. Having a black Persian or Maine Coon still requires intensive grooming.

How can one have a black cat? Many pet stores have pure breeds for sale. The most popular is the Bombay but other black cat breeds are just as popular. There is no shortage of black cats because they make great pets. For folks who want to… start from scratch, there are also black cat kittens for sale from any types of black cats. One can also adopt a cat from an animal shelter or perform a black cat rescue and adopt a stray. It is important that the stray or adopted cat from an animal shelter to have a rabies vaccination among others to ensure owner and black cat health before its introduction to a new home.

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Black Cat Behavior

Understand Black Cat Behavior

Having a black cat as a pet involves lots of hard work especially in understanding Black Cat Behaviors. Nevertheless, it is important to do this in order to deal with the behavior problems that might transpire. Indeed, cats have fascinating ways of communicating with each other as well as with humans. Sometimes they manifest subtle methods in such a way that humans find difficulties in understanding them.

Black Cat Behavior

Black Cat Behavior - Happy Cat!

Body language is one of the apparent ways of conveying their messages. Even the simple flicking of the tail and movement of ears transmit messages that are important to another cat.

Black Cat Behaviors Are Hard-Wired

According to experts, cat behaviors are inbred or learned. This means that cats behavior can be natural or nurtured. When the cat runs into the kitchen as he hears the can, it is a learned behavior. On the other hand, it is an instinctual behavior when the cat sticks his backside when you run your hand down on his back.

Cat Behavior Language

If you have pet black cat you should learn speaking feline. Although they do not speak language yet they use their voice in communicating with other animals as well as to humans. The various sounds they make have different meanings. That is why when pet owners have the ability to speak feline they would have the chance to understand the complex language of cats that is the body language.

Cat Behavior Speech

There are various sounds that cats make. Meow is the classic sound that cats make yet it shows different purposes such as calling for help, solicitation of companionship or food and bloodcurdling expression. Likewise, an angry, aggressive and frightened cat may create hissing sound to the extent of screaming.

Read The Movement

Another Black Cat Behavior that should be understood is the movement of the hips. Similarly, the appearance of the ears is a good manifestation how the cat feels. The cat’s state of mind is also determined by the appearance of the ears. Likewise, the position of the mouth of the cat also implies his feelings. Thus, when you see the mouth of the cat is widely open and show the sharp teeth it indicates anger. Moreover, the movement of the tail tells many purposes.

Once you can understand cat’s movement you can easily determine if the cat wants to play with you. In this way, you can make your pet happier by being his playmate. On the other hand, you can also introduce cat toys that are safe. Likewise, training your black cat with some games can make him healthier.

Black Cat Behavior | Patience!

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to shape the black cat behavior. Patience is all it takes to modify the behavior of your pet. Understanding and recognizing the behavior can help pet owners in shaping the behavior. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement is the most successful way of inculcating discipline and training to your pet. Finally, it will be easier for you to solve Black Cat Behavior problems once you know the cat’s personality.

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Black Cats | Types of Cats

Breeds Of Black Cats

Many people prefer cat as pets. They seem to be difficult to keep at home yet, they are very interesting as pets because they are easy to domesticate. There are different types, breeds and color of cats and they associated with historical facts as well as superstitious beliefs.  And among the breeds of cats, breeds of black cats are notoriously connected to superstition. On the other hand, black cats have varying shades because there are some breeds that have stripes while others have black spots. In this sense, irrespective of the reasons why black cats are persecuted, it is necessary to understand what makes them black.

What Makes Black Cats Black?

Obviously, there are wide arrays of cat coat colors. Apparently, the cat’s coat becomes black when the fur’s pigmentation absorbs adequate amount of light. Likewise, the genes also play a major role in the color of a cat. Thus, the interplay between different genes determines the coat color. The color of the breeds of cats is the result of the early mutation of genes. Also, when the browning gene is dominant, most likely the cat turns into black color.

black-cats-banner-t-shirt-730x90Different Breeds Of Black Cats

Black cats come in various breeds. You can find Persians black cat that is long haired while others are short-haired.  However, the Bombay cat is among the types of cats that have mainly black color of coat. This cat looks like a panther. Unlike the other breeds of black cat, the Bombay cat is the only one that has black color in the entire body.
Other types of black cats include the American Short-hair, British Short-hair and the Burmese cat. On the other hand, the American Short-hair has solid black color yet permits other colors. In like manner, there are other black variants of British Short-hair as well as the Burmese cats.

Black Cats And The Superstitious Beliefs

Breeds of certain colored cats symbolize evil omens in Western history as they are associated to witches. Similarly, Asian culture and Mexico considered these cats carrying bad luck. In this sense, black cats are seldom preferred as pets in American shelters as compared to other colors of cats. Likewise, as they are associated to bad luck they are also connected to supernatural occurrences. However, the breeds that are commonly associated to witches and superstitions are the short-haired black cats.

Nevertheless, whether you believe in such historical facts and superstitious beliefs or not it is your responsibility to take care of them once you take them as pets. That is why you need to learn how to shelter them, how to train them as well as other details about cats. Irrespective of colors it is necessary to keep your cat healthy by keeping them away from diseases. Moreover, if you own any breed of black cats you should get rid in your mind all the negative information related to your pets. Instead, you should show them your love so that the negative vibes associated with them will turn into a lucky one.

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Hilarious footage of my cat getting angry and swearing at me when I tried to wake him up.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Verde Pointe Dental and Marietta Vet Clinic Host Raffle Benefitting Local Shelter Pets

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) December 09, 2014

Verde Pointe Dental and Marietta Vet Clinic are no strangers to raising money for local shelter animals. Drs. Kirk Kimmerling DDS, Suzanna Aguilera DMD, Garrick McGrath DMD and Julian Peckich DVM are dedicated in making a difference for shelter pets of Cobb County. The dentist and veterinarian professional offices are donating 100% of the raffle proceeds to Tigg Neuter Project.

Raffle tickets can be bought at the dental and veterinarian offices for a dollar, giving the buyer a chance to win the Philips DiamondClean Sonicare, the best electric toothbrush on the market. Donating five dollars will gets an extra chance to win, six tickets instead of five.

“Our dental and veterinarian offices are full of people that believe in helping animals without a home. Approximately 8 million pets enter shelters each year, and it is our focus is to spread the word that shelter dogs and cats make wonderful family pets,” says Dr. Peckich. “

Tigg Neuter Project is a non-profit group of Cobb County volunteers that love animals and want to make a difference in their lives. They have “grown tired of seeing adoptable animals die simply because they have no home and there is no space at animal control,” says Vicki Hammonds, Director of Tigg Neuter Project. The project believes the only solution is to have less animals coming into animal control. Spaying and neutering is the main focus through public education, low cost to no cost vetting, and ear tips, so the cats can be returned to their colonies with out reproducing.

Kirk Kimmerling DDS and Suzanna Aguilera, DMD are Marietta cosmetic dentists and Marietta emergency dentists that are paving the way for the future of dentistry. The office is technologically sophisticated in not only equipment and procedures, but also developing dental materials via Kimmerling Holdings Group, LLC and fiteBac SkinCare, LLC, Dr. Kimmerling’s biotechnology firms. The Marietta emergency dentists invite new patients to meet their exceptional staff and experience and benefit from state of the art dental care. The office offers a broad range of services from teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental whitening, dental veneers and dental implants, dental bridges, dental crowns, dental fillings, tooth implants and veneer Marietta and Marietta root canals.

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, Julian Peckich DVM, are pleased to welcome dogs and cats to the pet clinic, dog clinic and cat clinic. Dr. Peckich provides veterinary services for the Marietta, Kennesaw, Dallas, Acworth, and Powder Springs, GA. It would be their great pleasure to welcome dogs and cats to the pet family for pet vaccinations, cat vaccinations, dog vaccinations, sick animal relief, laboratory testing, pet teeth cleaning, veterinary dentistry, wellness exams, spay and neuter clinic and mobile veterinary services.

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Black Persian Cat Coco Speaks Italian to Me

Recorded on March 2, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.

She doesn’t understand the mask. Poor kitty.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Sketch Drawer Software Makes Black Cat Pencil Drawings Easy!

Here is a before/after example from a program called Sketch Drawer. It can turn your digital photos into works of art! Create a hand-made drawing out of an ordinary photograph.

As you can see, I just used the default settings and got a pretty good pencil drawing of our cat Dolly.

With a little experimenting, I’m sure there are dozens of special effect to use to create all kinds of digital art.

Their website is:


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Black Cat Ben

Some cool cute black cat images:

Black Cat Ben
cute black cat
Image by Katspurl
My very first plushie I ever made. Taken from a floppy manga cat pattern on a livejournal blog. It inspired the many plushies afterwards.

Black Cat stocking
cute black cat
Image by Crafting with Cat Hair

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Pet Owners Use Professional Pet Sitters as a Go-To Resource for All Things Pets

King, NC (PRWEB) November 15, 2011

Pet Sitters International?s recent State of the Industry Survey sheds light on several of the professional pet-care industry?s product preferences, ranging from dog leashes to kitty litter.

Pet Sitters International (PSI) surveys its more than 7,000 member businesses every three years on topics including pet-sitter demographics, service types, service prices, revenue, business size and brand preferences. Twenty-seven percent, nearly 2,000 PSI members, responded to the survey.

PSI member businesses performed an estimated 18.5 million pet-sitting visits last year, providing ample opportunity to use pet products.

Dog Products

The top-ranking brand of dog food among PSI?s professional pet-sitter members was Wellness?. Purina? ProPlan? placed second and Science Diet? ranked a close third.

The overwhelming response for favorite dog chew was Nylabone? followed by Greenies?. Rawhide chews, of no particular brand, were referenced as most preferred behind Greenies.

PSI?s State of the Industry survey also indicated traditional leashes were the most popular choice of professional pet sitters to use and recommend.

When asked which dog toys they use and recommend, PSI professional pet sitters overwhelmingly indicated Kong? as their preferred choice. Throw and fetch toys outranked squeaky and plush toys in terms of preference.

Cat Products

When asked about cat-food aisle preferences, survey respondents indicated Wellness brand cat food again as most preferred. It was followed by Science Diet? and then Purina?.

The feather dancer was the top-ranked cat toy, followed by catnip toys and mouse toys.

In the kitty-litter section, Fresh Step? is most often used and recommended. Tidy Cats? and World?s Best Cat Litter? round out second and third place.

FRONTLINE? Plus took the top spot by a significant margin as the type of flea and tick remedy most often used. Advantix? and Revolution? rounded out the top three most recommended products in this category.

Retail Stores Remain Popular

The majority of professional pet sitters shop for their pet products at a retail store; however online shopping continues to gain ground.

?Pet sitters are dedicated professionals who spend a lot of time with pets and pet owners, likely more than any pet-industry professional,? said Patti Moran, PSI?s president. ?Clients depend on these service providers to come into their homes, care for their pet children and provide opinions on a range of products from leashes to litter.?

Requests for professional recommendations and advice continue to increase according to Scott Black, PSI?s 2010 Pet Sitter of the Year and owner of Personal Touch Pet Sitting in Kingwood, Texas.

?There is definitely an increase in the number of clients seeking my professional advice,? Black said. ?Questions range from behavior issues and kitty litter to dog biscuit and pet food recommendations. Another popular topic is leashes, harnesses and collars.?

Black shares his opinions and is careful to put them into context.

?I feel comfortable sharing information because of my experience as a pet owner and as a professional caregiver,? Black said. ?I always preface my statements by saying that I am not a vet, a dietician or a nutritionist. I tell my clients what has worked well for my own pets, foster dogs and other clients? pets.?

To learn more about the survey or to learn more about professional pet sitting as a career, visit


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